21 Austrian Design Compositions | Part 3



This autumn, three European design metropolises will set the stage for an exhibition of contemporary Austrian design, which will take place under the motto “Austrian Design Compositions” and was conceived and organised by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the Austrian export agency.


From 5 to 15 October 2017, the exhibition will be hosted by the Slovenian design biennial “BIO”

in the City Museum of Ljubljana. From 21 to 29 October the presentation will be on show in the context of the Dutch Design Week, the renowned platform for exceptional Dutch and international design achievements, and from 23 November to 7 December it can be seen in the Austrian Cultural Forum in Berlin. The exhibition centres around the hidden story behind the exhibits.


A product is the end result of a long and elaborative process, which comprises many di erent stages – from the original idea to the design implementation.

However, this unique product history is often unknown to the customer as well as to the end user. The “Austrian Design Compositions” exhibition honours the invisible but decisive aspects behind the ready product, whether it is the initial idea, the personal need, the emotional trigger or the source that inspired the designer to develop the product. The result is a poetic, personal documentation of the motivation of the designers.


The exhibition design of “Austrian Design Compositions”, in which the genesis of each of the exhibits is highlighted by means of visual anecdotes, was made by illustrator and graphic designer Lilly Panholzer. It shows exclusively the latest designs by ATARA design, AUSGESPIELT, EL BE Keramik, Irene Maria Ganser, Lucy.D, Martin Breuer Bono and Roben as well as products by Christine Hechinger, Hussl, NOV24, Organoid, PET Bottle Purse by Magic Craft, Thomas Schiefer, Vera Pure and students of the New Design University St. Pölten.



(Advantage Austria, 2017, Austrian Design Compositions)


presented by: Advantage Austria / Aussenwirtschaft Austria

Creative Direction: Advantage Austria - Reanne Leuning, ALLDSGN - Lilly Panholzer

Organisation: Advantage Austria

Graphic and exhibition design: ALLDSGN- Lilly Panholzer


Opening Period: 24. November 2017 - 7. December 2017


Location: Berlin, Germany


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Photo Credits: Thomas Schiefer